Supply deal negotiation

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Implement the strategies

During the purchasing analysis, we have identified a number of areas where there are potential savings for your company. In this phase, we will deploy means to achieve them.


In this critical phase, we look at the market to find suppliers that will meet the set specifications. Depending on the sensitivity of the product/service sourced, a request for information (RFI) can be sent. Some categories demand that suppliers be pre-qualified before being included in the supplier database. Once we have identified a suitable number of participants, a request for quotation (RFQ) can be sent.

Request for quotation

According to the complexity of the purchase, a request for quotation can be a simple email asking for a quote or a set of documents with specific questions to answer, attestations to provide and terms and conditions to accept. Our mission is to buildĀ  the package adapted to your business and your industry.

Supplier validation

Once we receive the quotations from the suppliers, we begin the analysis and comparison of the offers. Sometimes it happens that one or two suppliers are not exactly the best to provide you with the product/service you need. At this stage, we narrow our selection to a few that could all be the one chosen. We make sure that this selection is compliant with all our requirements (value for money, quality, safety) to validate them. We can then begin the negotiations and make our final decision.

Securing the deal

We managed to find a great supplier and we negotiated you a good deal. How about securing this deal through a contract and make sure its meaning last in in time?

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