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Case Study: Savings

“We have always dealt with that supplier”

A historical relationship doesn’t mean that you have the best partner or the best deal on the market.

Example: Fuel additives


  • Same supplier for 20 years
  • Price similar for years then increased
  • Niche market 20 years ago, no update in market research
  • Complex technical environment, batch tests are needed to approve any potential new product and it can only be done at certain times

Strategy and action:

  • Market research to find suppliers = “Discovery” of 4 potential new suppliers
  • Drafting of specifications with the technologist and tender
  • Creation of a test protocol, permit demands


  • Another supplier came with a better offer
  • Unit price went down
  • New additive more performant = consumption went down
  • £200,000 saving for the first year with new supplier
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