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Case Study: Specifications

“No need to write it down, I know it by heart”

What happens when your knowledgeable employee leaves your company?

Example: Pump parts


  • New maintenance operator sent a picture of a broken pump to the procurement team asking for a part replacement
  • No model, serie number or supplier name are provided
  • The pump specifications are not documented
  • The former operator new what to request by experience but it was all in his head
  • Loss of knowledge, time and potentially operation

Strategy and action:

  • Audit of the whole site to identify all the pumps
  • Create a file with all the different models
  • Identify suppliers and set up purchase agreements


  • All the requirements are documented
  • No loss of production: quick process to order parts
  • Strategic parts stocked for emergencies
  • Harmonisation of pump models on site
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